10 signs which show that you should invest in healing

10 signs which show that you should invest in healing

Life isn’t easy for everyone especially for those who are suffering. Everyone experiences periods of stress, sadness, grief and conflict, so when you’re feeling upset it can be hard to know if it’s time to see a professional about the problem or whether it is the time to invest in healing. Then, how does one should decide? People should not avoid these signs and if they are happening more often than not, then they should consult a healer. The earlier you seek a healer, the easier it would be to get through a problem. The severity would be less in the early days.

So what are those signs which should trigger whether you need to make that appointment with your healer or not? Not every headache needs a healing session but then there are some indicators we can all look for in those times when we’re feeling low. It is pretty simple, just ask yourself to what extent you can manage — anything that makes you feel over the board or controls your ability to function is fair game for a Healer.

What Qualifies as a Reason for Healing?

  1. You’ve suffered a trauma and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it

Some incidents like death in the family, a break-up or a job loss are enough reasons to go and see a therapist. We believe that these feelings would go away on their own but that isn’t the case. 

  1. You have frequent and unreasonable headaches, back-aches, stomach-aches or week immune system

If you are emotionally upset, it affects your body as well. Research says, stress can affect our overall health. More unusual complaints like muscle twinges that seem to come out of nowhere (read: not after a big workout) or neck pain can be signs of carried stress or emotional distress. 

  1. You are using drugs or alcohol quite often to cope up with issues in your life

If you find yourself drinking or using drugs in greater quantities or more often — or even more often thinking about drinking or drugs — these could be signs that you’re hoping to numb feelings that should be addressed. Getting a healing therapy would really prove beneficial to you

  1. You are having unexpected mood-swings or too much negativity

If you’re noticing you’ve taken on a more negative mood or thought process and it is persistent ― it might be worth talking to someone. This is typically a sign of a mental health issue. In this case, a therapist can help you get to the root of the problem .

  1. You are feeling disconnected or isolated from others

If your near and dear ones are complaining that you have changed. You realize that you feel out of the place even when you are with your closed ones. Those things which used to bring happiness and joy now look boring. All these could mean you are going through a stress.

  1. You are moving away from things that used to make you happy

If you’re disillusioned, feeling like there’s no purpose or a point or feeling a general sense of unhappiness, seeing a therapist could help you regain some clarity or start in a new direction.   

  1. You are feeling insomniac or your sleeping pattern is off

This is one of the main symptoms of depression-change in sleeping order. It can be too little or too much. If you observe this change, this could be an indicator that you need a therapist to investigate the issue.

  1. You are not able to balance your work life and personal life

If you’re too stressed out, you would not be able to concentrate on either of your work life and personal life. This would lead to poor balancing between the two. The whole thing would impact on your overall performance be it home or office.

  1. You are getting bad feedback from work

Changes in work performance are a common thing for those struggling with emotional or psychological issues. Aside from poor attention and concentration in work, this may also lead to poor feedback at work.

  1. You are having suicidal or harmful thoughts

If you’re thinking of giving up on yourself, or trying to hurt yourself physically, immediately seek professional help. These thoughts are completely preventable with the right treatment.

If you think that talking to someone might help, then do it. In our society those who seek these helps are considered as ill or weak, but that is not the case. Healing Therapy is perfectly normal and valuable. People’s experience says that it actually is a beneficial thing and you could contact us for all types of healing consultations

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