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Happy Healing

Happy Healing

Happy Healing is a young organization with global ambitions in the delivery of quality education, clinical practice and treatment of chronic diseases using  hypnotherapy and allied services.

We invite you to join this revolution and be a part of the mission to transform the way we understand, react and treat human suffering. Let’s work together to make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Our Aim is to help people lead life free from ailments and free from suffering. We go beyond medicines to help those in need and help solve various issues in this fast paced world.

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Institute of Spiritual Sciences Awareness & Research

ISSAR is an institute with global ambitions in the delivery of quality education of spiritual science awareness and research.

ISSAR believes in sharing and spreading the knowledge gained out of years of experience and learning. We believe that every individual has a strong life force and innate ability to heal oneself.

Most of our courses are certified by the International Hypnosis Association, USA. The key faculty is Hr. Hitesh Chakraworty, who is a Hypnotherapist par excellence, spiritual healer, intuitive healer, past life therapist, sound therapist, dream therapist, angel and tartot card reader