At Happy Healing, we provide you with Holistic treatment for your ailments.

After successful diagnosis of the ailment, healing is carried out in forms of already tried and tested therapies like – Sound Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Child Hypnotherapy, Emotional Empowerment Technique(EET) and many more.

It is advised to undergo a proper diagnosis session for a successful treatment. In case, a person is sure of the ailment he can take direct treatment after consulting a healer.

The treatment is provided in the 3 major areas –

  1. D.A.R.T.(Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Trauma) Issues – INR 2000/Session
  2. Physical Ailments(Cancer, Heart Problems, Miscarriages, Liver Issues etc.) – INR 1000/Session
  3. Spiritual Issues(Spirit Attachment, Black Magic, etc.) – INR 2000/Session

*Each session is of 1 Hour