Suicide – An Escape or Imprisonment?

Suicide – An Escape or Imprisonment?

A 47-year-old man came to meet me today through a reference and the first thing he told me that he came to me for solving his life-problems and if he fails, he will commit suicide. He further said that he had been to many places but his life did not change. Well, I do not know whether his life will change or not after meeting me, but I realized from his conversation that some people think that ending life resolves their problem. This is pity. People think that Death is completeness, like everything finishes afterwards. But this is not true. Death is just a small journey of our infinite existence. Just like our life is temporary, so does the Death.

Suicidal Death is a painful experience. First, your etheric body suffocates and then your soul. The moment soul leaves the body, you realize your mistake. Your etheric body, holding your soul, tries to enter the physical body but it fails. This is the extreme phase of suffocation when you realize that your physical body is dead and you cannot do anything to get it back. So actually when you decide to commit suicide you are actually thinking of killing your physical body and not your existence. We are not this physical body but we are spiritual beings. In the case of suicidal death, you do not accept death. And during this moment when the time to merge into white light comes, your etheric body refuses to do so and keep hovering around the dead physical body. And then you are stuck in between death and afterwards. So actually you doubled your problem. The physical world problem could have been solved by asking help from your loved ones, but the problem after committing suicide does not get solved so easily.

Let me give you my recent experience with such a spirit who killed herself in her previous human life to get rid of her problems. This spirit was in the aura of one of my student Ana (name changed). Ana was having a serious headache for sometimes and her relationship with her in-laws was deteriorating. She asked me for help.  During the therapy, this spirit came up and explained how she was going through a torturous life with her in-laws. She did not ask help from her parents and finally one day she decided to kill herself. Since then, her soul has been suffocating between deaths and afterwards which is not clear to her. It was really hard for me to help her merging into white light as she was carrying so much of grief of committing suicide.

Let’s see what happens to your family after you commit suicide. Your parents are the ones who suffer a lot especially the mother. Your mother will not be able to come out of this grief ever. And in case you are the only son or daughter, then their suffering will be immense. So while you were thinking of committing suicide to get rid of your problems, you actually left your loved ones heartbroken. They will be in grief for life and keep blaming themselves for your suicide. And each time you see them suffering (remember while we as humans can’t see spirits, they can see us every moment), your soul will continue to suffocate. Please remember, I am using post-death emotion as “suffocating” because you actually suffocate which means feeling trapped and oppressed. You have no power to regain your body and at the same time you are not able to take another birth, you are just hanging between death and afterwards journey. So please do not think that Death is the solution to your problems. Life has not been given to you for killing yourself. Live it, talk to your loved ones or if you are not comfortable talking about your problems to your people then speak to a Healer. But don’t do the mistake of committing suicide because you have no idea what happens after Suicidal Death.


Hr Hitesh Chakraworty

Happy Healing

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