Don’t let your Employees become a DART Board

India is among the least happy countries in the world. According to reports 50% of employees in India are under stress, 30% have problems such as addictions and marital discord. 20% suffer from depression. Depression is the No.1 occupational disease of the 21st century, says WHO.

The obvious reasons are related to personal, professional, relationships, financial, physical, mental or any other thing.

In short our life has become like a DART Board where DART is Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues and Trauma  . All these reasons affect a person some way or the other at any point in life. Talking about the professional front, employees are termed to be more stressful. But why?

Okay, so let’s start with the workforce – the ones who are in jobs. Despite beautiful offices and ambience, still companies are considered as somewhat concentration camps. They are honed with degrees and coming out with ultimate objective of doing jobs yet they complaint of not getting desired jobs, and the ones who get desired jobs are either just working for their companies or just fulfilling their needs by getting the expected salaries. And that sets the foundation of a DART Board lifestyle.

There is a huge difference in the people who have that urge to grow, to progress and the ones who are just satisfied and earning just for their daily livelihood. There comes a slot, where people are less motivated and loss of productivity takes place. And the gist of all these worries and problems is linked to our mental health, as it is our mind which controls everything, Right? Mental health is as important as our Physical health.

Mental health check-up is mandatory for all, specially the millennials and the gen z professionals. Taking any mental health checkups doesn’t mean you are retarded. Just like physical fitness, mental fitness is also important to be intact, especially for employees in terms of efficiency and good life.

HR fraternities have also agreed upon the fact that lack of performance is due to behavioral issues and stress and not from any physical ailments. The attrition rate is ever increasing. The need is to help people grow and come out of DART syndrome.

These days HRs in various organisations are consciously working towards DART Eradication from their offices to give positive impact on employees’ performance.

There are  mandatory EXECUTIVE MENTAL HEALTH CHECK-Ups during pre joining of an employee.

“If Mental Health checkups are given a priority then half of the stress issues in the offices will be eliminated” – says HR turned Holistic Healer , Hitesh Chakraworty. Overcoming any stigma is the biggest strength any one can show.

Note – This Module is exclusively for Corporates. Details can be provided to the interested companies.