Diseases in Old Age

Diseases in Old Age

I remember when I was living in Gurgaon, my landlord Uncle Kapoor who was around 75-76 years old, living alone. He used to have 1 glass of gin every day. And on weekends, he used to enjoy few more drinks with his neighbor, Uncle Sawhny, who was also around 77-78 years old. Uncle Kapoor’s family was in the US & he was living all alone in Gurgaon. Both of them were healthy and always cheerful. You can spend hours talking to them and they will share n number of experiences they had in life. Well, you must be thinking why I am talking about them. Actually, a few days ago one of my students asked me – why most people in their old age get sick? And this is when I thought to write this piece for you.

Let us understand how a day starts – Morning, when the energies around us are pure, then comes afternoon, when we are very active, busy with work, then evening, when we like to chill, feel happy, going home and then comes night. Our feelings in the night depends on how we have spent time from morning till evening. Similarly, we all have 4 phases of life – so morning is our childhood when we are full of energy. Children are like morning energies, they are pure and full of love energy. And at the same time there is too much of peace in the morning, so please deal with your child peacefully otherwise you will shrink their energy.

Let’s move ahead. The afternoon is like teenagers – we want a career, quality life, relationships etc. whatever we do here is to settle down to prove our worth. Then comes evening – adulthood – now you need love, care. Here you want to take care of your family. Your family becomes your priority. You are dependent on your spouse and children, and you concentrate on your work. Then comes night, you are now old; you look back on your life with a sense of closure and completeness, and also accept death without fear.  You start remembering your dreams, your achievements and if you don’t have your life according to your wishes; it hurts. And so, u are sick. Life is simple, isn’t it?

There is a concept in psychology called stages of development which says when we are retired from our work life, we envision our accomplishments, feel happy about it and celebrate our life. If we see our lives as unproductive, feeling guilty about our past, or feeling that we did not accomplish our life goals, we become dissatisfied with life and develop despair, which eventually leads to sickness.  

So when you are young, please focus on what you want, go for your dreams, live your life. No regrets when you are old.

Hr Hitesh Chakraworty

Happy healing 

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