Come See Conquer – Story of Ingy

Sometimes life becomes so cruel for some people that they don’t get happiness even when they should or sometimes it is all in their thoughts and in their mind which stops them from seeking that happiness. The latter was the case with my friend Ingy Murphy. We had known each other for past almost 18 years or so. She was a loving and kind girl but she had her own share of problems.

She had a step-mother and three step-siblings and the family equation was a typical Bollywood scene at her place. Maybe that’s the reason she always looked for love outside home. Nonetheless, she was an incredible friend to have but due to work priorities I moved to a different city while she was still in Dubai and we kinda lost touch.

The last time I went to Dubai, the first thing I did was to give her a call and made a plan for dinner. I was super-excited for that meeting as I was meeting her after almost 5 years. But when I met her things were different or rather she was different. I knew she had family problems but this time things were looking very serious.

After insisting she told me that things have changed after her break-up with her boyfriend. She believes that her ex-boyfriend has done some kind of magic on her and she always feels his presence around her. She couldn’t find any other man though it had been close to 4 years of her break-up.

Initially, I laughed it off as I never believed in black magic, however after seeing her tears I realized that the situation is worse than I am thinking. She stays alone now and left her father’s home due to all the quarrels. I understood the gravity of the situation and knew that she needs a professional help in this case. I knew Hr Hitesh Chakraworty(Holistic healer) and his work so I immediately knew that he is the best shot for my friend.

I fixed an appointment with Hitesh and went there for counselling with my friend. In his first session and to get more clarity on the situation he used his hypno-diagnostic tools and found out that my friend is dealing with three major problems: Insecurity, Helplessness and constantly worried about her future. He planned some sessions with her which included:

  • Hypno-drama with Father and stepsisters, her Mother
  • Past-life therapy
  • Vows and Curses

Soon after, he started taking her sessions and found out that in her past life she died with a thought that ‘compassion is important in life’. He did past-life therapy session to get this truth.

In next session, he did therapy to find out if she is cursed in this life or not. The results were shocking as Igny was cursed by her own aunt and some known relatives as they all wanted her to marry their sons which she refused to do. He cleared all the curses from her life. She was given a self-love script which keeps her reminding that she is loved and wanted.

I am so glad that I got my friend back. She was completely healed and came out more confident after those sessions.

P.S. She installed Tinder to get some more excitement in her life and I am eagerly waiting to hear all her dating stories;)

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