Come See Conquer – Story of Rajesh

One of the toughest decisions in life is to decide what we really want to do in life. What should be our profession which should match our passion? This decision gets even tougher when we have different career preference as compared to our parents.

In India, mostly children don’t get to decide what they want to do, instead, they go for the choice there parents has made. Certainly was the case with my client Rajesh. He was 18 years old, an age which allows you to choose your government but not your career. He was doing B.Sc. in physics but he wanted to do something different after his graduation.

He came for a session with me and wanted to know the solution for his problem. After using hypno-diagnostic tools the results were shocking. This 18 year old young kid was emotionally unstable. He was so confused about his career that he was suffering from depression and had a constant fear of failure. He was living a life full of tension and stress and the main reason was his career. He wanted to be a probationary officer in government bank while his parents wanted him to do an MBA.

After induction session, his therapy was started. He was given EFT and it revealed that he was a victim of school bullying as well. One incident which left him scarred for years was his teacher telling him that he would be a failure for all of his life. Inner-child of 12 years old was done. He was given a script of self-confidence which will boost his morale and also bring positivity in his life. The objective was to make him more confident to face his fears.

After EFT, Hypno-drama with his father was done. He had so much of frustration piled up from years against his father. He was so angry with his father for dissuading him from pursuing his dream career. It was his moment to vent out all his problems and feelings which he couldn’t say to his father in past so many years.

After his two sessions, he was more confident and felt better. But somehow, he didn’t want to go against his father as he was the only child and he thought that it was his duty to obey him. I knew that a session with father is a must to make him understand his child condition. Sometimes, even adults do need to listen to their kids. Not every decision one makes as an adult is right, especially if it is against their child’s wish.

A general counselling session with father was done. He understood the whole situation and agreed with Rajesh’s wish to pursue his career the way he wants to do it. Not only this, he got Rajesh enrolled for banking coaching as well.

All’s well for Rajesh but I wonder how many Rajesh are living in India, who are killing their own dreams to fulfill the dreams of their parents. If children can do so much for parents I believe it is time for parents to show some confidence in their children and let them take their career decisions.

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