Come See Conquer – Story of Graham

I am going to tell you something which might shock you a little. Once I had a client who wanted to kill his child. How a father can be so merciless and why he wanted to kill one of his own?

Let me introduce you to Graham, he works in one of those hotels which most of us cannot afford to even stay or dine-in. But he works there as a security officer. He already has two kids and the child he wants to kill is his third child which his wife is carrying from past 6 weeks. He basically wants his wife to get the abortion done as he cannot afford the expenses of another child.

He is from Cameroon and there is a custom that a man takes care of his wife’s parents as well. Now he is a sole bread earner and there are two families surviving on his salary. He is already facing a lot of financial issues and amidst all this, he cannot afford another child.

He approached us as he wanted to get rid of his back pain. As expected the back pain was there due to emotional instability and financial crisis. We started his session and in the first session, we started slow. We taught him about self-hypnosis followed EFT to overcome negative thoughts. He was also informed about the theory of mind.

His second session was a detailed one. Hypno-drama with his wife was done. It was a necessity as his wife wasn’t ready for abortion and he wasn’t ready to have another child. The whole situation was creating differences between their relationships as well. After the session, script of loving wife was given.

The third session was shocking as we did age regression in that. As per our knowledge, he had a stable relation with his father but in age regression, another story came out. His father left him when he was just seven years old and in his sub-conscious, he hasn’t been able to overcome to that fact. His father left him and took his two elder brothers along with him. We had to do inner child therapy to remove that blockage and to heal him from that pain. An affirmation was given to him to overcome that pain.

The fourth and the final session was all about him. He was provided with a speech to become more confident and to get back his morale. He understood that there is no point in killing that child, he needed an extra source of income to overcome this issue.

Post Therapy Observation:

He is eagerly waiting for a new member in the family. His wife is helping him in opening a textile business in Cameroon. He sends her samples from Dubai which she sells to major buying houses of Cameroon. Though currently, it is on a small scale but he is quite happy that he at least started his business. He is planning to go back to Cameroon to further expand his business.

He not only got over the financial issues but also his back pain is no more in his life.

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