Come See Conquer – Story of Faisal

Dubai is full of people from different countries, especially from south-asian countries. They come to Dubai mostly for earning a good income while doing some small business. My client Faisal runs a small legal documentation business in Dubai with a partner. He hails from Kerala, India. He was suffering from severe back pain from a very long time.

He came to me when his condition was really poor and when almost all the best doctors gave up on him. He was bed-ridden from past six-months but due to financial problems, he could not go back to India. He has a family back there to support which includes his wife, a daughter, and his parents. He wasn’t comfortable to let out his emotions or to share his problems. Hence EFT route was taken to identify the core issue.

The first session was basically an interview and to get the case history. A lesson on the theory of mind was given followed by EFT.

The second session gave all the details in which Hypno-drama was done. Hypno-drama was done with his wife, mother, and daughter. In that session, it was clear that he was in deep tension because of finances. Though his family never puts any pressure on him but still he was under pressure and he always wanted to provide better financial security. It was strange that he did not see his father in his ego state to which he said that he has no issues with his father. Another thing which was evident in this session was that he missed his family too much.

In his third session, he had interaction with his father-in-law who thanked him for supporting his family. His father in law passed away 7 years back and his wife is the eldest daughter all his wife’s family responsibility also came on his shoulders. He wasn’t happy with this turn around in his life as he believed that his wife’s family wasn’t there for him when he needed them. His financial condition wasn’t well at that time and he wasn’t in a condition to support two families.

In the final session, Hypno-drama was done with his father, who gave him moral support and advised him not to take any financial pressure. In addition, RRT was done and also taught to his friend to do it on him every day. An affirmation was given to him to increase his confidence level.

Post Therapy Observation:

He has stopped taking Physiotherapy sessions. He says that he rarely feel back pain and whenever it happened he performs EFT to get rid of it. His family now stays with him in Dubai and he is expanding his business in Dubai.

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