Come See Conquer – Story of Ahmad

For me, one of the best parts about traveling is taxi drivers and their talks. Believe me, I have heard some best stories while traveling. There is an instant connection when drivers tell their stories. There is one which I won’t forget for long.

During my initial days of healing in Dubai, I was traveling somewhere and my cab driver was from Pakistan. He was in his early 50s or so and had a wife and three children, father and two younger brothers. They all were in Karachi Pakistan and he was driving a taxi in Dubai to earn handsome money.

Not that he needed money to support everyone as his brothers were doctors back in Pakistan. He complained that he has seasoned lower back pain and how it’s getting severe day by day. This back pain is making it difficult for him to continue his taxi business. But I could sense the fear of quitting this business and going back to Pakistan.

I could see that he was overall fit and he claimed that he had no history of any drugs or any other medical problem. I really wanted to help him and before leaving I asked him to meet me after two days in my office.

In the first session by using some hypno-diagnostic tools I figured out that Ahmad has low self-esteem. On further examination, I found that the fear is not of going to Pakistan but facing his father and brothers. In reality, he wanted to go back to Pakistan but was too afraid to face his family. He was afraid that they would consider him as a failure and carried a guilt that he could not do anything for his father being the eldest son. I gave him EFT and taught him how to do self-hypnosis.

For his second session, I planned a hypno-drama with his father and two brothers. It helped him to get free of his thoughts and feelings which he couldn’t have said it otherwise. I provided him the script for self-esteem and also did RRT.

In these two sessions, he could figure out that his pain was not a medical condition but due to the stress and burden he was feeling because of his family. I suggested him to go back to Pakistan and be there with his family.

After a month or so, I received a call from him and he was calling me from Pakistan. He called to thanks me and also told me that he doesn’t feel back pain now. He told me that his family is really happy that he is back now and he has no plan of coming back again, other than on vacation.

This whole incident made me believe that everything happens for a reason, just like me taking his taxi!

Happy Healing

Hr Hitesh Chakraworty

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