Celebration vs Entertainment

I vividly remember my first leave application, where I asked my Boss to grant me leave for 10 days as I was planning to visit my village for celebrating Diwali. He laughed at me saying you are now in the corporate world, stop taking leave like rickshawalas going for festival etc. You must learn to enjoy your life. We have organized a big Diwali bash, come & enjoy our Bash and see what you have been missing in your life. Well, I call this “entertainment” part of our life.

In my 12 years of corporate career, I had witnessed many such events, some in India and some abroad and of course I entertained myself. But all these years I discovered that entertainment has become a big part of our life especially when it comes to making ourselves or our loved ones happy. For instance, a couple will watch a movie to entertain themselves, housewives watch celebrity gossips to entertain themselves. So actually to feel happy we have become dependent on others. We watch movies, celebrity gossips, stage shows, music concerts and then put them on social media and feel happy after seeing many likes and comments on our posts. Even in marriages, the Sangit rashm is now performed by some orchestra/artists, while sangit is supposed to be a ho-halla from sisters, cousins, buas. The big question here is are we really entertaining ourselves or are we just entertaining our ego-self?

Now as a healer I find entertainment as again a method of looking for happiness outside. Just like people looking for God outside rather than finding him in their own soul. Well if you really want happiness then replace Entertainment with Celebration. Don’t entertain yourself, rather celebrate yourself. Celebration is participation. We participate and feel happiness, while in entertainment others celebrate and we just witness their celebration. This is why our ancestors introduced Festivals in our culture so that each and every member of our society celebrate themselves. In the current system where entertainment has become an integral part of our enjoyment, we have forgotten the hidden meaning of our festivals. Holi, Diwali, Shivratri, Dussehara in all these festivals we participate and celebrate. What is the value of such entertainment where we do not participate? Entertainment just increases our dopamine level  (reward-motivated behavior) and put us in an artificial world. While celebration releases oxytocin which is not only good for our body but also good for our soul.

Let’s not let others become master of our happiness. Let’ be our own master and celebrate this beautiful life given to us by our ancestors.

Happy Healing

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