CCC Camp

Core Cancer Cure Camp

CANCER is a Monster that can develop in any of us anytime irrespective of you being a celebrity, fitness freak or living a routine life.

Having cancer brings along many different feelings. The disease not only affects your body but also your mental well-being. These days, we often come across instances when people are being motivated to fight the disease but simple motivation doesn’t work.

The work is to be done at the metaphysical aspect of it. In simple words, to work at a level of being, knowing, identity, time and space. Also the fact that how holistic healing can even help in curing your cancer.

The workshop has been consciously designed by ISSAR’s Chief Holistic Healer Hitesh Chakraworty.  He has principled it on his pioneering studies on Science of Spirituality (SoS) for Mind , Body & Soul healing.

This has helped 100s of his patients globally to fight and survive rather giving up to Cancer.

Now the same Hope & Mindful treatment is available in India for you to:

  • figure out the deeper aspects of the disease
  • learn how to fight and cure it

with an SoS blend of Holistic Healing and Physiotherapy.

Key Takeaways –

  • Why Cancer & how not to let it grow or even develop in you: a metaphysical aspects of cancer,
  • Knowing your mind – body connection to stop development of cancer cells: Thoughts-Action Conflict
  • Understanding How your genes play a major role in developing or killing cancer
  • Impact of physiotherapy in healing from Cancer – a latest breakthrough practice

Date : 18th August 2018 | Saturday

Time: 10 AM – 12 PM

Duration 2 hours | Free Awareness Workshop