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Hr. Hitesh Chakraworty is a trained and certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer, Past life therapist, Sound Therapist and Hypnosis Trainer at Happy Healing. His main focus is to alleviate the suffering of the common man from the clutches of lifestyle and life threatening diseases of the modern world.

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A process of interacting with an individual, by bringing them to a relaxed state of mind, in order to treat a physical or psychological problem by a trained therapist. It has the power to reach inside the deepest realms of the human mind and decipher entropies that create unrest in the mind, body and soul.


Contrary to the beliefs of modern day science, our Universe comprises of many positive and negative energies in the form of supernatural forces that interact and affect our existence. These interactions can be positive or negative depending upon the force interacting and can cause huge upheavals in our mental state and physical comfort.

executive mental heath check up

Physical health has always been prioritized by companies and often forget the importance of the mental pressure an employee might be going through. A mental health check has become essential in the world that’s going 24/7.

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