All Healers Alliance (AHA)

All Healers Alliance is a community dedicated to the healers from all fraternities across the globe to come together and create synergistic impact towards good life by giving holistic healing to mankind.

Who are the Members:

  • Practitioners of alternative medicine therapies
  • Certified Healers and Good Life Counsellors
  • Students pursuing Holistic Healing Programs
  • Certifying/Approval Associations, Institutions & Centers for Healing
  • Companies & Organisations in Healing products and services

How they are Associated

  • Volunteers to AHA’s different events and programs
  • Alliances & Partners in initiatives
  • Regional/Country wise representation
  • Annual/Lifetime Membership

Charter Objectives to work on:

  • Bringing Credible standardization & protocols in Healing services
  • Focussed Healing subject matter specific networking and ideas exchange
  • Building the requisite resource pool of Holistic Healing specific skills needed by different treatments
  • Bringing the right recognition to the real contributors and healer in the fraternity
  • Bringing attention among various government health agencies , ministries and association about holistic healing as an organized field of science and non- medicinal treatments