About Happy Healing

‘Disease is a condition experienced in the body but existing in the mind.’

With this thought Happy Healing is healing people by using the immense power of mind and connecting it to the body. Its founder, ‘Hr Hitesh Chakraworty’ started healing people in 2014. He started in Dubai, while working as a senior HR professional; he came across multiple people suffering from life-threatening disorders and the pain they had to go through with no hope in sight. He was completely distraught and decided to devote his life to make lives of these patients simple who had nowhere to go to.

Happy Healing is working to take benefits of the Science of Mind, Body and Spirit and thus helping people to recover from chronic ailments. Sometimes no medicine can tackle them. For those suffering mentally, physically and emotionally, who are beyond the range of medical treatment, healing has something valuable to offer. It gives the positive energy required to sustain and self believe to never give up.

Holistic Healing has been used for different purposes for different people; hence, its utility has also been perceived and interpreted differently by different people. Of late, it has attracted top level employers to ensure the mental health of their employees. Happy healing has started a DART initiative, which basically takes care of Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues and Trauma among the employees.

With increasing work pressure and people living a stressful life, it is really important for employers to have healthy employees not only physically but mentally as well. That’s why happy healing started EMHC which is Executive Mental Health Check-up test for corporates and working professionals. EMHC keeps check on the mental health of the employees, enabling them to live life to unlimited potentials. A sound mind can do wonders and that is the reason that many HRs of top MNCs are opting for this.

Healthy reproduction is a matter of creating a new human personality. Our entire physical and psychological framework can be systematically overhauled with the help of Holistic Healing.